address formatting

In order to address your envelopes, we need your address list to be formatted in a specific way to minimize mistakes. If your list is submitted without adhering to the following format, it will be returned to you for reformatting. The estimated time of completion begins once your list is properly formatted and approved. We can format your list for you for an additional fee.

Please have your list in a Word or PDF document without borders or columns. Each address should be grouped vertically with each segment of an address on it's own line (see examples). Please have all abbreviations spelled out fully if that is how you wish for it to be written.

If you have specific etiquette questions, please let us know.


Varying Examples:


Mr. & Mrs. Fabian Grant
and family
810 West Broad Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Turner
Nine South Gerard Avenue
Apartment Seven
Philadelphia, PA 19110


Mr. Trent Reznor
8321 Beaumont Ave., Apt 3
Los Angeles, California 93822


Etiquette Tips

Formal invitations have most items filled out, i.e., states, street types (boulevard)

Street numbers 1-10 should be written out. 10+ can be in digit format

Guests over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation, even if they live at home with their parents

Omit names of children altogether if you are planning an adult-only reception

Commas come before suffixes like Jr. but not before roman numerals

Using "Mrs." with a woman's name traditionally indicates she is divorced

"Ms." is not used with a husband's name

Ms or Ms. is both appropriate, with or without period

If you know the name of the guest, use their name instead of "& Guest" wherever possible