Wedding and Event Stationery edition


What is the difference between a semi-custom design and a fully custom design?

Semi-custom pieces are designs that have either been created specifically to offer for purchase in our shop as 'ready-made' or a design we have created in the past that we have adapted and made available for use by a client of ours in the future. 
A custom design is something that we create together from the sketch on up. We collaborate and use your inspiration + direction to dream up something unique! 



How about printing?

Printing costs are not included in the initial design cost. Printing costs are separate (if these services are requested) once we have an approximate quantity and the specifics in regards to the technique and paper we will use for your suite. We offer custom letterpress, foil, and flat standard digital high quality printing on a huge variety of papers.

Do you hand letter every single invitation?

Generally speaking, no. Your details are lettered and illustrated several times until we feel we've absolutely nailed it. It is then turned into a digital file and placed onto your invites for printing.

Do you provide Envelopes?

Although paper costs are not usually factored into our pricing, we can supply blank envelopes or addressed envelopes as well if you'd like!

Can I rush my order?

Please email us first. In some cases, rush orders can be accommodated for an additional fee.