Electric City Sign Bulb Ornament - Imperfect

Electric City Sign Bulb Ornament - Imperfect

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These are the same bulbs as our regular listing except have minor flaws due to production such as: small bits of glass inside, broken filament, or something minimal of that nature inconsequential to the overall look of the ornament. Limited supply and will be updated as they become available.

They still come in a gift box and with a handmade vintage ornament hook!


"They call it Scranton!
The Electric City!
Scranton, what?
The Electric City!"

This lightbulb ornament is handmade and handlettered, straight outta Scranton to you.
And yes - they are the bulbs used in the Scranton Electric City sign, way up in the sky, just brand new! Get a piece of Scranton history for your tree.

Comes with vintage-inspired and handmade metal ornament hook.

Bulb dimensions: 1.75 x 3.5"

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Please note: While the lettering ink is permanent, it can be scratched if not handled carefully. Please lightly buff clean only with dry, flat paper towel to avoid any mild scratching.

Lightbulbs do not light and are not made to install into a socket. They are for decoration purposes only.